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About  LexaCon

Composers | Singer-Songwriters | Storytellers

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Alexa L. Borden and Connor Cook are an award-winning collaborative music composition team based out of Los Angeles. They have been working together for over 5 years and have collaborated on almost 40 projects, including award-winning short and feature films, live musicals, and song production. 

The combination of Connor's Appalachian folk music roots and Alexa's upbringing in classic rock (with a basis in classical music for both women) lends to an eclectic and unique yet versatile sound. Both Connor and Alexa are multi-instrumentalists and vocalists, which combined with their studies and experience allows them to be especially equipped to write in a wide variety of genres and styles, including orchestral, contemporary pop and rock, new wave, synth wave, atmospheric, folk, minimalist, retro styles, and more. They frequently incorporate sound design, original samples, and live instruments in their scores and productions, making for a unique and specialized sound for each project they create music for. 

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