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Music by Genre


Our Circus (excerpt) (from Balloon Animal)
Static Space (from Static Space)
First Time Last Time Instrumental Intro - LexaCon
Exploring the Bedroom (from 10-62)
Make Sure He Understands (from Oakdale, 1959)

Adventure/ Fantasy

The Ferris Wheel (from Balloon Animal)
Rock Stars (from See You At Sunrise)
Jamie And Noa (from Static Space)
Flying Pans (from She Had It Coming)
The Magician's Storm and End Credits (excerpt) (from Bubble Yum)


The Teddy Bears Of The Trees (from Balloon Animal)
Static And Stars (from Static Space)
Can I Have Your Number (from Balloon Animal)
The Kiss (excerpt) (from For Fat Girls Everywhere)
House Tour (excerpt) (from Balloon Animal)

Tension / Horror

Crash Landing (from Static Space)
Metropolis (from Limerence)
Breakdown (from Limerence)
Fun Times in the Shower (from First Time)
Empty Desk (from SexBook)
New Beginnings (excerpt) (from See You At Sunrise)


The Break-In (from 10-62)
Amy's Discovery (excerpt) (from 10-62)
Schiamachy (excerpt)


We Are the Fire (excerpt) (feat. Brenna D'Amico)

Specialized Genres

Circus Life (from Balloon Animal)
Julia in the Poolia (from 10-62)
The Valentine's Magic Show (from Balloon Animal)
You Can All Go Home (from She Had It Coming)
Paris in Bloom (excerpt) (from We'll Always Have Paris)
Aiutami (from Girls Are the Worst)
First Time, Last Time (excerpt)- LexaCon
Little Boxes (Cover) (for Oakdale, 1959)
Willow Garden (from Girls Are the Worst)
600 Miles to Mexico (from Take A Chance: A Musical)
600 Miles to Mexico Reprise (from Take A Chance: A Musical)


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